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A real talent for creativity in any format

My creativity is rooted in developing a true understanding of clients’ needs and what motivates their customers, backed up with talent, experience and an ability to produce strong creative that works across all channels and delivers results.

The Ideas Man

I’m that rare thing: an award-winning ideas generator who is also skilled in all aspects of advertising, marketing, design and writing. I’ve a proven track record of creating powerful and effective work, from ‘big idea’ campaigns and prestigious projects to the smallest jobs with tight deadlines and budgets.  

A creative that stands out

I’m happy to work across all media channels - whatever it takes for clients to reach their audience most effectively. In my time, I’ve worked in areas and formats that few creatives ever experience and delivered results every time.

A true 360º approach

For me, creativity is about more than just being creative. I get involved in the whole process, from formulating strategy to delivering work. I’m skilled in writing, designing online and off, art direction, illustration, directing, photography, marketing, brand strategy and proficient in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. I’m experienced in FMCG, retail and interiors, financial, IT, drinks, food, fashion, corporate, entertainment, events, leisure, B2B and consumer sectors. I even have a proven record as a team leader. Which makes me not just a 360º creative, but a complete all-rounder.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask

This website covers a lot of what I do, but not everything. For more proof of the pudding, send me an email and I’ll get right back to you.


Money Marketing Radio award Gold and Silver for Fidelity Investments.
Irish Advertising Awards Best Poster Gold for Yoplait .
Money Marketing Press award Gold for Trade Indemnity.
Marketing Best micro site for ‘Dellchester’ created for Dell UK.